A country’s foreign policy, in general, is a 2 player game limited to the strategy it employs in dealing with the other nations. But if you happen to be the world’s superpower, then your foreign policy isn’t just a dual player game anymore. You are seen, and you have to be seen, spearheading every worldly issue – be it human rights, global poverty, disease or environmental. This is how you make sure that you stay relevant & stay the head of this giant global family.

And just like in every other family, a rebel begins to emerge – someone who is being touted as the next big-thing, who has been increasing his wealth at a much faster rate compared to the head. And all of a sudden, you see him questioning the authority of the head of the family. The head, being the head, doesn’t like this. So, what does he do?

  1. He makes sure that he stays in the forefront of every issue, and
  2. He makes sure that the rebel doesn’t grow his circle of influence

As can be understood, the head is USA and the rebel is China.

U.S. and China are currently characterized by an uneasy relationship, one that has become very apparent ever since Donald Trump has become the POTUS. This uneasiness has come to light in a number of issues over the past decade. Some of the major issues include:

  1. China and Taiwan – One-China policy 
  2. Tibet and Dalai Lama
  3. China’s claims over the South China Sea
  4. Currency valuation and devaluation
  5. Cyber attacks on American corporations

Each of these issues is further explained in a separate article. Click on the link besides the issue mentioned above to read more.